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Friday, 04 April 2008 12:02
All frequently asked questions about the gameplay in general.
What is a hooded shroud? Where do I find all those artifacts? How do I steer a boat?
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Where can I get that cool [mount]?


You probably have seen many cool looking mounts around the place and wonder where to get them. As most things, when it looks cool it's either expensive or hard to get. Most of the special mounts need to be tamed and require a high taming skill. Those which are transparent are veteran reward items, you need to have a one year old account at least. Finally, the armored horse is rideable by anyone but is expensive!
Your best bet is to ask a veteran player if he can help you get one of those mounts. Some are ridable by anyone like the Beetles (those big insects) or the Ostards (sort of retpiles) or the Swamp Dragons. You'll still need a tamer, but once tamed, anyone can control them.

Where do you get those green/black shrouds?


Black hooded shrouds were a gift back when malas opened. They are now rather expensive so you'll need some time before you get one. The green shrouds are quest items from japanese shards. A bit easier to get but still expensive for a new adventurer!
Wait for later or head to Yew where the monks will sell you a brown hooded shroud for a low price (look into the Winery outside the Abbey).

Where do you get a vendor deed?



Vendor deeds can be bought at the local tavern or inn. You will need a house that you own to be able to place the vendor. Alternatively you can use a vendor rental contract in someone else house, it's the owner of the house who needs to configure the contract.

Refer to the link section for the official guide to vendors.

Where do I find bandages?


You can buy bandages directly from the healer but it's cheaper to buy bolts of cloth from the tailor and use scissors on them to get bandages.
Alternatively you can sheer sheeps (use a bladed item on the living sheep) to gather wool and use it on a spinning wheel to get balls of yarn, then use the yarn on a loom to get bolts of cloth. You can do the same with cotton you pick up from the farm yards. 

How do I dye my cloths?


You can buy a dye tub at the tailor shop aswell as dyes.
Note that you cannot dye leather, furniture or metal with a regular dye tub. You'll need specialized (and usually expensive) dye tubs or pigments to color those.

How do I repair my equipment?


You always need to go through a player crafter. There are two ways :
  • Ask him directly to repair your equipment (try to bag it, it's easier for him).
  • Buy a repair deed from his vendor, you'll need to go near a corresponding npc to use it though. Go to a smith to use a smith repair deed, to the tailor and so on...
There's good chance you find crafters willing to help you in either Haven, Luna or Britain.

Will getting drunk affect my performances?


There used to be a legend that when drunk you'd gain faster in skills. I have to say I never could prove that. What is sure is that your mana drops to zero until you are sober. It also reveals you when hidden.

I can't raise my skill with a NPC!


There are several possible reasons why a NPC might not want to train you :
- Your skill cap is at the maximum and you haven't set a skill to decrease.
- You have locked the skill that you try to train (so it cannot raise)
- You have an instructor quest active (open your quest log to check).
If you checked all those and it still doesn't work, then call a GM.

Where can I buy [item name]?


Many common items can be found at your local NPC shops, though many useful items are crafted by players only. Good armor and weapons, runebooks, full spellbooks, recall scrolls, greater potions, etc.
While it's possible to ask directly to players around the towns, it would still be very long to find someone who has what you're after. This is why player shops exist. They are found all around the land, but usually near the large towns. You will also find many runes on the ground leading to such shops.
In the Community section of this website, you can find player shops and their approximative location.