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Friday, 04 April 2008 12:07
All the frequently asked questions about technical aspects of Ultima Online.
Can I edit my macros offline? where is my desktop saved?
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KR - How do I add waypoints in bulk to the map?

Written by Paidric
You can add a bunch of waypoints by editing the waypoint xml file directly, it can usually be located in your user data directory.
\My Documents\EA Games\Ultima Online\User Data\waypoints.xml
And here is how to format a waypoint entry :
X,Y,Z speak for themselves. Facet is 1 for trammel. Type is 15 for Custom 1.
This will appear on ALL your characters!

KR - Kingdom Reborn runs very slowly!

Written by Paidric

There are several known issues with Kingdom Reborn that slow it down, but you can still speed it up with these tips:

  • Run in fullscreen mode, windowed mode is WAY slower, change that in the User Settings (see the Main Menu article).
  • Lower your resolution while in full screen mode (you can zoom away to see as much land as before)
  • Turn off the "standing" animations in the User Settings.
  • Lower the particle effects in the User Settings.
  • Play with the cache sizes until you find what fits you best.
  • You can zoom in your screen to display less.
  • At the moment there is a problem with the Chat Window sometimes slowering the system, just disable it in the User Settings.

Patching failed, what can I do?

Written by Paidric

You just patched your Ultima Online client and it gives an error message? Bad news, but there are some simple things you can test.

First, check if your drive has sufficent disk space to receive the patch! Then clean the patch directory in your Ultima Online directory. All left-over files should be deleted. Run a complete virus and malware scan on your computer.

Now turn off your anti-virus and firewall (I mean shut them down completly!). Then run the patcher again.

If the patch keeps failing, go in your Ultima Online directory and look at the client.exe, hover it and read the version number. If the number already is the new version but the patching failed, it usually is a bad news. You need to restore your previous client.exe before trying to re-patch. If you didn't saved it, then you're off to re-install Ultima Online.

Where/How do I download the clients?

Written by Paidric
I made a little explanation page here . This will guide you step by step through it.

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