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You just entered the world of Britannia and you wonder what do do now? The first step is to learn about the interface. I will try to summarize all the infos without boring you to death.

First, let's take a look at what your screen looks like. Below you see a picture of a freshly new adventurer entering the world of Britannia. Everyone starts in Haven, so here we are.


UO 2D Interface
UO 2D Interface


Quick description of the interface :

  1. Your paperdoll, this shows your character and it's equipement.
  2. The overhead map, it shows your surroundings viewed from above.
  3. The status bar, this is the minimized form, showing your Health, Mana and Stamina.
  4. The property viewer, more on that later.
  5. Sir Helper, the first npc you will interact with. Double click him!
  6. The bank, go near it and say "bank" to open your bank box (see Gameplay section for more)
  7. Text invite, when you want to talk, start typing and your text appears there. Press enter when done.
  8. The system messages, all notifications from the system are noted there (skill success, skill gains, party/guild chat, etc.)

The central oval is where your character stands. It is always centered in your screen.

The paperdoll

This is a very important part of your interface. You'll keep it open all the time for an easy access to most functions. Here is a closer view to your paperdoll.
When you want to equip an item, you need to drop it on your paperdoll. Just make sure you don't have an item in that slot already, for example: to equip your leather leggings, remove your pants first!


The paperdoll
The paperdoll


1. The virtues icon

Double click it to open the virtue gump. This gump gives you an overview of your level in each of the eight virtues. I won't go into details about the virtues. You can refer to our UO Information links section for the stratics page about Virtues.


Virtue gump
Virtue gump


2. The paperdoll menu

I will detail briefly what those menu are :
HELP : contains the link to the support site, also allows you to call a Game Master, report an harrasser/griefer or use your promotional codes (for claiming in game gifts).
OPTIONS : everything to configure your interface, text colors and all. It also contains the macro menu. The option screen is detailed in another article. Check the 2D User Interface section.
LOG OUT : Speaks of itself.
QUESTS : This opens your quest log with all the quests you currently have active.
SKILLS: This opens your skill list with all the possible skills you can train and their level.
GUILD : This opens your guild screen, there you can create a guild or view the informations of your current active guild. More on this in the 2D user interface section.
PEACE/WAR : This toggles and indicates if you are in War mode or not. (you need to be in war mode to attack enemies)
STATUS : This opens your status bar.

3. Special moves

Double click this blue book to access your special moves. Each time you equip a weapon, there are 2 special moves associated. You can view them in this book. Note that you can drag the icons out of the book to create shortcuts.


Special Moves Book
Special Moves Book


4. Main Backpack


The main backpack
The main backpack

Double click it to open your main backpack. This is where you carry all your items. When you have blessed items (like spellbooks, some quest items, bank checks,etc.) they are protected only if you put them in your main pack. If such items is inside a sub-bag, then it will remain on your corpse when you die.


The capacity of the main backpack is a little different from a regular pack and is proportionnal to your strength.


5. Party gump


Party gump
Party gump

The party gump allows you to create a party. This is useful when hunting with friends to help you heal each others and chat over long distances. You can read about it in the 2D User Interface section. I won't go here into more details, this is the purpose of another article.


6. Profile


Character profile
Character profile

Double click it to access your profile. Every player when they open your paperdoll have access to it. You can write there a description of your character or anything you'd like.
Note that when you open your profile, the age of your account appears in the System messages.Image


7. Character name and title

When your character gains a title through fame, karma, skills or champion spawns, it is indicated here along with your name.

8. Equipment slots

When you equip items, they appear here to make it easier to handle them. The slots are in this order : Headwear, earrings, collar/necklace, ring, bracelet. Those are usually small items which can be hard to grab from your paperdoll.

The overhead map

To open the map, you need to press Alt+R, if you press it two times, the map maximizes. This map is very useful to navigate into the world of Ultima Online. It also helps to determine where you are in the world or remember where your corpse is exactly when you die.

The Status bar

When you enter Britannia, the status bar is minimized. To open the maximized version, double click the minimized version or click the Status button of your paperdoll.

The minimized status

You only see 3 bars which are : Health, Mana, Stamina. The bars are blue when full and turn progressively red when you go low on points.


The maximized status

This one contains much more informations. I'll describe them here quickly.
The blue button opens your buff/debuff bar, which contains the current active "spells" casted on you (invisible, poisoned, protection,...).
The three yellow arrows allow you to set your stats to either raise, drop, locked.
The strength of your character, determines what you can carry and your hitpoints.
The dexterity of your character, determines your stamina.
The intelligence of your character, determines your mana.
The hit points of your character. Your max hit points are : 50+(Strength/2)+bonuses
The stamina of your character. Your max stamina is equal to : Dexterity+bonuses. Stamina determines weapon hit speed.
The mana of your character. Your max mana is equal to : Intelligence+bonuses. You need mana to cast spells and use special abilites.
Your stat cap. This is the maximum of the sum of Strength+Dexterity+Intelligence.
Your luck. Many items increase your luck rating. A high luck gives a chance for your enemies to drop better loot.
Weight carried and max weight.
Weapon damage, this doesn't take into account the effect of spells!
Gold carried.
Followers. A horse, dragon, hireling, etc. use control slots. You are limited to 5 control slots. The more powerful the follower, the more control slots he needs.
Total Resists. They are divided in 5 stats : Physical, Fire, Cold, Poison, Energy. Those are the sum of all armor and spells you have on you.


The property window

This little icon can be toggled between 4 modes. Those modes differ in the way they display the properties of an object. When you hover an object, you receive a description of this object. The way you see it is changed by this icon.


The eye : A window will popup where the eye is placed.
The mouse : A window will popup next to the mouse cursor.
The "block box" : It will fill with the properties when you hover the object.
The curved arrow : You need to left click an item to bring a property, not just hovering. Also the window remains till you click elsewhere.

Sir Helper

This npc all dressed in neon blue is there to give you a quick direction to where to train your skills and a basic explanation of the different templates.

The bank

This is a place you will visit very often during your whole Ultima Online life. You can read more about the bank in the gameplay section.

The text invite

When you type text it appears there before it is sent to the screen for others to see. You just type text then press Enter to send it.
There are a few command characters you can type to change the type of output. Type the character then a space to change the output.
";" will make you whisper, only players close to you will hear you
":" will make an emote.
"!" will make you yell, people will hear you from a screen away.
"/" sends to party chat
"\" sends to guild chat
"[" sends to alliance chat
"," sends to chat channel

System messages

When you perform an action, use a skill, gain stats or any other trigger for a serverside response, the messages sent back by the server will appear in this zone.

Video Tutorials

There is a video tutorial available which covers part of the informations of this article. See the Tutorials section of this website.


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