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This glossary intends to regroup many slang terms used by the Ultima Online players. It is not exhaustive, but will be completed as time passes.




2D : refers to the legacy 2D client of Ultima Online.

4x4 : refers to a fishing method to maximize return on fishing.

8x8 : refers to an old technique for raising skills (doesn't work anymore)

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AoS : Age Of Shadows - Ultima Online Expansion which introduced numerical bonuses.

Artie : Artifacts, special overpowered items.

ASH : Ancient Smith Hammer, a bulk order reward adding to your smithing skill.

ASOS : Ancient SOS, a white SOS (see SOS).

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Bandaid : Bandages.

Bod(s) : Bulk Order Deed, related to the bulk order system.

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CBD : Clothing Bless Deed, a bulk order reward to bless a clothing.

Charger : Charger of the Fallen, a special armored horse.

Cu : Cu-Sidhe a rideable pet looking like a big wolf.

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Earthy : Earth elemental (a creature of Ultima).

Ele : Elemental (all elemental creatures).

Elies : See Ele.

Ethy : Ethereal mounts, a veteran reward.

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Fel : Felucca, one of the lands of Ultima Online.

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GM : Game Master (EA staff), Grand Master (skill at 100) or Guild Master (leader of a player guild)

GP : Gold pieces.

Gump : refers to the "windows" of the interface.

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KR : Kingdom Reborn, the new 3D client for Ultima Online

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LBR : Lord Blackthorne Revenge - Ultima Online Expansion

Leg(end) : Legendary (skill of 120)

LRC : Refers to Lower Reagent Cost items.

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Martie : Minor Artifacts, see artifacts.

Med : see "Medable"

Medable : short for "Meditable" often used to refer to armor parts for mages.

MIB : Message in a bottle, contains a message leading to a sunken treasure.

ML : Mondain Legacy - Ultima Online Expansion that brought Elves and Peerless dungeons.

Mods : Modifiers, the properties/bonuses on items.

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NPC : Non Player Character, every character run by the server (vendors,etc.)

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Pally : Paladin.

Para(gon) : Paragon are special monsters spawning in Ilshenar.

Party : Refers to the party system.

PK : Player killer, players who kill other players.

PoF : Powder of Fortification, a BoD reward that increases items durability.

Pot : Potions.

PvM : Player versus Monster, hunting monsters.

PvP : Player versus Player, the playstyle that consists of fighting each others.

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Recall : Refers to the magery spell which allows to travel.

Red : When a player kills many "blue" players, he turns Red (see PK).

Rez(z) : Ressurect

RSH : Runic Smith Hammer, a bulk order reward allowing you to give bonuses to smith items.

RSK : Runic Sewing Kit, a bulk order reward allowing you to give bonuses to leather armor.

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SA : Stygian Abyss - Ultima Online Expansion (due in 2008) which opens the biggest dungeon ever.

Sammy : Samurai.

SE : Samurai Empire - Ultima Online Expansion that opened Tokuno and brought ninjas and samurais.

SOS : A sos message extracted from a bottle. They lead to a treasure in the sea.

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T2A : The Second Age - Ultima Online Expansion that revealed the Lost Lands.

ToT : Treasures of Tokuno, an event that took place around 2006.

Tram : Trammel, one of the lands of Ultima.

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Vet : Veteran or Veterinary depending on the context.

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WW : White Wyrm, a large white dragon from dungeon Ice.

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X-healing : (cross-healing) Refers to the method of healing each others to heal faster.

X-shard : refers to the Cross-shards transfers, often for trading items between shards.

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