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Wednesday, 05 September 2007 09:02

Throughout the years many people helped us in our mission. We can't thank them enough for their continued support. Some of the names I have forgotten (if you know me you won't get surprised) but we don't forget your generosity!

I believe you all deserve praises and a big thank you! This page is meant for that. Forgive me if I forget you, but with time I will add names when they come back to my mind. And I'll try not to forget the new ones!


I would also like to give a special thank you for ALL the anonymous donators who contribute to the donation box inside the RAA shop (South of skara on the coast). A big thank!

*Disclaimer* There is no particular order to those lists, just how I remembered them!



T-Hunter of THG : Thanks for all the stuff mate and for training those young ones!

Nafunieru of #L# : Thanks for all the marties and the quality loot! It always comes in handy!

Esoxlucio of BD : Thanks for training all those young ones, europa owes you!

Japonica : You got the powerscrolls flowing! Thanks lady.

Wynde/Saunders : Thanks for cheering up haven and for your help with touring young ones.

Deothos : Thankfully you don't live to your title! Haven wouldn't be the same without you!

Foxglove girls of RAA : You are to haven what rays are to the sun, you make it shine.

Fanni Batta : Thanks for equipping all those young ones!

Ingelried of Monk : Thanks for helping all those young ones when you were in Haven.

Beastmeisterin of YCG : Thanks for your donation!

Mater Danuril of -T- : You add spice to the meal!

Thiefy : Thanks for the quality loot!

Seir Boltthrower of C*C : Thanks for the loot and stuffs!

Vikuit LyQvenoor of RAA : Thanks for all the quality gear!

Lord Bobar of ELV : Thanks for the loot!

Dawn Dragon of Food : Thanks for the items!

Disciple of TWP : Thanks for the marties!

Whispering Green of ACG : Thanks for the items and all!

Taylor : Thanks!

Coyote of ROVs : Thanks

TalenWolf of THG : Thanks for the stuff!

Ylias Tendris : Thanks

Coco Dyle of DL : Thanks for the marties !

Lord Odin : Thanks!

Cailleach Bheaur of Saor : Thanks for your dedication to the new ones!

Ultima Online of EA&E : Thanks for the ressources!

Ytran McCsiyarti of DoB : Thanks for the items!

Reah Whisdom of EA&E : Thanks for the donation and welcome aboard!

Aurora Borealis / Tasty Treats of Saor : Thanks for the quality items!

Amantala of EA&E : Thanks for all the items! They'll love them!

Lord Evidence / Myphsar of Myph : Thanks for the runic armors, it helps a lot!

Officer Ray : Thanks for the items

Kai of DOT : Thanks for the donation!

Dewi Putri and Tabby Kapak : Thanks for all the armor!!!

Loki John of Pact : Thanks for all the quality armor!

Angel Inc. : Thanks for all the armor!

Mighty Atlas of SENT : Thanks for the generous donation!

God Cant Kill Me of God- : Thanks for the gold!



Royal Arms and Armour (RAA) : Thanks for all the help and support!

Royal Arms and Armour Military (RAAM) : Thanks for the hunts and loot!

Legend (#L#) : Thanks for all the quality stuff.

T Hunter Guild (THG) : Thanks for all the loot and training the young ones!

Blade Dancers (BD) : Thanks for training the young ones!

Order of Haven (-OH-) : Thanks for helping the young ones! We miss you!

Academy of Chivalry Europa (ACE) : Thanks for training the young ones!

Saor (Saor) : Thanks for helping the young ones! Saor i gcónaí!

Wraiths (W) : Thanks for your support in our PvP events!

Pact (Pact) : Thanks for your support in our PvP events!

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