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Wednesday, 05 September 2007 09:49

Helping new adventurers

The biggest help is of course to greet new adventurers when they arrive and provide them with guidance. Try to remember your first days and how confused you could be. Some newcomers are faster than others, but there's always a lot of questions to be answered. Funningly enough, returning players are those who ask the most questions as they are eager to learn of all changes.

Helping with armor and weapons is always good too, just keep one thing in mind, most of the new players lose their gear the  first time they die without young status (by then they usually already wandered out of Haven). So don't give away some all 70 set unless you give them the gold the insure it!

Also, remember that for a starting player, resists are more important than bonuses on a set. If you have to choose between max DCI and high resists... go for resists.

On a side note, as a personnal opinion (it doesn't tie all other helpers to my views!) don't give away loads of gold. From my experience, he will get scammed (I had a guy buying a full spellbook for 100k) and he will lose that feeling of achievement quickly and feel like the game has not much to offer (I had someone leave after a month, he got 3M and a house from a leaving veteran on his first day). Don't misunderstand me, it's very generous, but I think it misses the point.

Helping with guides and informations

You know a lot of things about Ultima Online? You have a lot of experience with PvP or PvM? You are a fine roleplayer? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then we more than probably could use your help with writing some guides for our website.

If you feel like writing one, just keep two things in mind :

  • Every information here is aimed at new players, so it should avoid any technical terms (ex: martie, peerless,...) unless you explain them in the same article or link to an article with more details (avoid too many links though, it makes it hard to read).
  • The information shouldn't be too advanced. We aim to teach new players, this website is meant to be a ressource for them and a tool for the helpers to refer for particular subjects (like how do I configure my KR map?)

Once you have it written, take contact with the staff (see contact the staff) and we'll post the article with proper referencing.

Helping with donations

Many people don't have the time to help directly or through guides but are willing to give a hand. They usually choose to donate items to re-distribute to young ones. This is a very needed kind of donation as it allows us to concentrate on helping rather than hunting for items.

To help you know what is useful and what is not, here is a non-exhaustive list of items we always need :

Crafted items : like Spellbooks or Runebooks

Armor : aim at max physical resists and a strength requirement of max 45. Also, it should have total resists over 40, otherwise crafted armor is as good.

Weapons : fast ones preferably (they'll gain faster) and mostly sword weapons. 80% of the starting warriors are swordsmen. Spell channeling weapons (without fast cast malus) are always welcome too.

Lower Reagent Cost : any part is welcome, please make sure the strength requirement doesn't exceed 30.

Jewelry : mostly Lower Reagent Cost and Damage Increase. All others are welcome, but remember skill bonuses on jewelry slow down the training.

Ressources : We always need leather (any type) and ingots (dull copper mostly) to equip young adventurers. We can use some ash wood too for bows. Feathers are a very very very appreciated donation.

Gold : this is a tough one. Myself i usually don't accept gold, the reason behind this follows. For items like those we just described, I just put them in my chests for young ones. With gold, I first need to buy something then donate it. I never give gold to young ones as I think it's a bad practice (you can contact me and we'll discuss it if you want!) and I want to make sure your donations go to the young ones.

*Remark* Mounts cannot be transfered to [young] players. Don't ask me why... so we can't donate any.

Sell us your loot! 

On the Europa shard, we are willing to pay :

  • 2500gp for armor with 12 LRC (or more), less than 30 strength requirement and more than 20 durability
  • 1500gp for jewelry with 14 LRC (or more).

Use the contact page or come visit us in Haven! 

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