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First off, let me wish you Welcome!

You just created your character and now you're in the middle of a busy place with (probably) lots of people and items around you. Your screen is blanked with chats and spams from the npcs. This all looks confusing... So, now what?

Welcome aboard! You just entered the thriving world of Ultima Online and there is a lot to learn, but fear not, from my experience, the learning curve is not that hard.

Downloading the Client

If you didn't downloaded it yet, you can find the download links of FilePlanet in the UO Related link section (in the right panel of the website). If you are not sure which client to choose between Kingdom Reborn and Legacy, read on these pages and especially the User Interface sections.

Quick note, on FilePlanet you will be ask to register, they will offer you a paying option but there is a free one available. You can find a complete walkthrough about getting the uo clients here :

Download the UO clients


Creating an account

If you don't have one already, you can go and create one on the official website : UO.com. Select the Acct Mgmt ("Account Management") section and then select the Create or Modify Account. Follow the steps there. You will be asked for an account creation code. You can either get one from FilePlanet (see our Related Links section) or use the one that is proposed to you on the page itself (FREE-UOKR-REG1-14DT). Proceed with the rest of the registration.

I advise you to provide a valid e-mail if you don't want problems later. Also note your Login/Password as you'll need them to log into UO.


Reactivating your old account

Since I've started playing uo, very long ago, we always used to say "They always come back" each time someone was leaving. And it proven true in many cases Wink

If you are reading those lines, you're probably one of those returners. Now you wonder how you can get your old account back so you don't start back totally from scratches.

There are, to my knowledge, only 4 ways to re-activate an old account :

  • You  are very conservative or have a very good memory and you remember your login and password, just log into the Account Management part of the official website and renew your subscription. You can find the account management : here.
  • You still have access to the old e-mail account you used to register the game, ask to re-send the login of your account to your email from the account management pages : here.
  • You still have your registration code, that long 4x4 digit code, then just phone the support (no other choice than phone) to get your account reactivated.
  • You have the login, but not the password and not the registration code, you can try to phone the support with your billing informations (the address and the credit card infos you used to pay for your account). And they might be able to recover it for you.

The costumer support informations are available on the official website : here.


Creating a Character

There are articles about creating a character in the User Interface sections of this site, depending whether you use Kingdom Reborn (KR) or the legacy client (2D). To know which client you are using, refer to the paragraph at the bottom.



You will quickly see that the elven race requires an "expansion" named Mondain Legacy. If you wonder what that means, you can refer to our expansions article : here.

Besides player races, expansions can prevent you from using skills (bushido, ninjitsu, chivalry, etc.) and items if your account doesn't have the required expansion. Always try to buy the latest expansion. 


Taking your marks

Take some time to locate your surroundings.
You are in the center of New Haven, the town where every new character starts (refer to World - Towns section for details).
To the west of your character you see a big white building, this is the bank (refer to Play Guides - Gameplay section).
To the north a blue npc (Non Player Character) named "Sir Helper" is shouting at you. He can give you some basic informations of the town surroundings, just double click him (refer to Play Guides - Gameplay for details on NPC).

Your first steps should lead you to the bank, that big white building. Enter it and say "bank", your personnal box will open (refer to Play Guides - Gameplay section for details on your bank). You can drop the content of your backpack there, it is 100% safe.

Now there is a lot to learn, I can't describe everything in this first steps guide, but here is an overview of each sections of this site.


Play Guides

This section regroups all the informations related to the user interface and how to interact with the world.

KR User Interface : All guides regarding playing with the Kingdom Reborn client. Interface, setting up macros, trading, party system, chat system, options, configuring the map, etc.

2D User Interface : All guides regarding playing with the 2D/legacy client. Interface, setting up macros, trading, options, party system, etc.

Gameplay : All guides regarding interacting with the world (not client dependent) and game mechanics. The banks, the NPCs, item insurance, weapons and armors, bulk order deeds, etc.

Hunting : All guides regarding hunting/fighting. Where to go, when to go there and how to get there.

Templates : Descriptions of character templates, which skills to choose and how to train them.


The World

This section regroups all the informations related to the geography of Ultima Online.

Lands : All informations regarding the different lands (felucca, trammel, malas, etc.)

Towns : All informations regarding the towns of Ultima Online (player run towns aswell!)

Dungeons : All informations regarding the dungeons of Ultima Online.

Spawns : All informations regarding special spawns in Ultima Online.

Places of interest : Many special places around Ultima Online with unique landscape or items.



This section regroups many questions and answers regarding all subjects.

Gameplay : Anything related to the clients and world interactions.

Technical : All technical questions we could think of.

General : Everything else... unsorted!


Glossary : Many terms used by the players.



This section regroups all the links we find useful for new players.


Finding information on this site?

If you don't know where to find the information you are after, there is a Search feature on this website. Just enter the keywords in the Search edit box and press enter. Once you launched a search, you receive the links to the pages with related informations. You can refine the results using the options at the top.

In the results, look at the path under the title of the result, it indicates in which section/category you can find the article. This should help you determine if the result interests you.

A question unanswered?

You can't find the answer to your question? Then register, and you can add a FAQ to any of the FAQ categories, it will be reviewed by our staff and answered. If we create an article to answer your question or an article exists, you'll be informed by e-mail (provided it's available in your registering informations).

Problems with the interface?

If you have troubles interacting with the world, click on the link corresponding to your client. To know which client you are using, start the game, if the login screen contains a big grey ankh on a brown background, it is the Kingdom Reborn client. If it's a big stone castle you are in the Legacy client (2D).


2D Login Screen
2D Login Screen
KR Login Screen
KR Login Screen


KR - Discovering the interface

2D - Discovering the interface

And now, what do I do?

You are in New Haven, kinda lost and don't know what to do. Then you might be interested in the following articles to guide your first steps.

What do I do in this game?

Character Building

Templates Section

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