Welcome to Haven Helpers!
Just started? Read!
Wednesday, 05 September 2007 10:43

First off, let me wish you Welcome!

You just created your character and now you're in the middle of a busy place with (probably) lots of people and items around you. Your screen is blanked with chats and spams from the npcs. This all looks confusing... So, now what?

Welcome aboard! You just entered the thriving world of Ultima Online and there is a lot to learn, but fear not, from my experience, the learning curve is not that hard.

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Discovering the KR interface
Thursday, 06 September 2007 16:12

ATTENTION : The Kingdom Reborn client is no longer used on the official servers of Ultima Online.

The new Stygian Abyss client (SA) is replacing it.


Upon entering the world of Ultima Online you were greeted by Gwen, who did teach you about many basic actions. Now we will look a little further to make you feel more comfortable with the interface. We will first go through every things you see.

So, you are now in the middle of New Haven, freshly arrived. What are all those things and menus?

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Discovering the 2D interface
Thursday, 06 September 2007 12:04


You just entered the world of Britannia and you wonder what do do now? The first step is to learn about the interface. I will try to summarize all the infos without boring you to death.

First, let's take a look at what your screen looks like. Below you see a picture of a freshly new adventurer entering the world of Britannia. Everyone starts in Haven, so here we are.

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About this website
Thursday, 06 September 2007 15:58

The target audience of this website are the new players of Ultima Online. This website is meant as a tool both for new players and for helpers to ease the learning curve and give a reference for most typical subjects.

Veterans will find very little useful informations for them, this is the job for Stratics and such advanced website. This place is meant only for beginners who don't want to search for hours for their answers.

The articles here answer the most common questions we faced as daily helpers in the town of Haven.

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Video Tutorials
Sunday, 04 January 2009 19:21


Starting in January 2009 we will be adding video tutorials to enhance our website and make it even easier for you! Of course, both supported clients will be covered by our video tutorials!

Please note that while the video tutorials are more lively and quick, they don't cover the full topics and don't give all the informations. They are only meant to get you started as fast as possible. So we still recommend you to read our other tutorials!

The 2D Legacy Client video tutorials

The KR Kingdom Reborn video tutorials

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