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1   Link   Runic properties rolls
Informations about runic properties rolls in a Stratics post.
2   Link   Magic properties
A thread about the different magic properties.
3   Link   Morghot Guide for Miners
This is a thread on the UO Miner forum on Stratics. Good info there!
4   Link   Official guide to runic tools
The EA page with stats of each runic tools.
5   Link   Official Page for Item Properties
This page contains the properties, their intensities, on which items they "spawn" and explanations of the effects.
Also from the drop down list : Runic properties, materiel properties and more!!!
6   Link   UO guide
A big wiki about Ultima.
7   Link   UO.com - The Custom UI Part 1
The first guide on how to customize your UI.
8   Link   UO Stratics - Combat tables
If you like numbers, there is all you need to calculate your damages and rates.
9   Link   UOCraft
This is an excellent website about crafting and other things. It features many calculators for crafting and more. A good read for sure.
10   Link   UO Stratics - PvM Damage calculator
See how you would do against any of the monsters of Ultima Online.
11   Link   UO Stratics - The KR desktop folder explained
If you want to tweak your User Interface, you can play with the files and change many things. Check this article for many useful informations.
12   Link   UO Stratics - Ultima dungeons
This is the list of all the existing dungeons and their maps.
13   Link   UO Stratics Hunter guide
This is the most complete monster database. Really useful!
14   Link   Text Commands
Official guide to Ultima Online text commands.
15   Link   UO Stratics
The biggest ressource regarding Ultima Online.